Publication Chronology for the Sinningia alliance

This table shows the historical sequence for the first publication (under whatever name) of sinningia, paliavana, and vanhouttea species.  This will not necessarily be the order in which they were introduced into cultivation, but it is probably pretty close.

If the original name is italicized, please see the publication information on the species page for more information.

The type species are identified for Sinningia and Vanhouttea.  It's not clear what the type species for Paliavana is.  What became Paliavana prasinata was published in 1820, but not as a paliavana until 1876.  If that was the original publication of the name Paliavana, it would be after that of Sinningia (1825) and Vanhouttea (1845).

Brazil has been yielding up new sinningias right and left in recent years, so we can expect an expansion of this table soon.

Year Species Original name Author
1775 Sinningia incarnata Besleria incarnata Aublet
1817 Sinningia speciosa Gloxinia speciosa Loddiges
1818 Sinningia aggregata Gesneria aggregata Ker-Gawler
1818 Sinningia bulbosa Gesneria bulbosa Ker-Gawler
1818 Sinningia elatior Gesneria elatior Kunth
1820 Paliavana prasinata Gesneria prasinata Ker-Gawler
1823 Sinningia barbata Gesneria barbata Nees & Martius
1823 Sinningia macrophylla Gesneria macrophylla Nees & Martius
1825 Sinningia helleri type species Nees
1826 Sinningia lindleyi Sinningia helleri Lindley
1826 Sinningia hirsuta Gloxinia hirsuta Lindley
1827 Sinningia douglasii Gesneria douglasii Lindley
1827 Sinningia guttata   Lindley
1827 Sinningia velutina   Lindley
1828 Sinningia macrostachya Gesneria macrostachya Lindley
1828 Sinningia villosa   Lindley
1829 Sinningia allagophylla Gesneria allagophylla Ker-Gawler
1829 Sinningia canescens Gesnera canescens Martius
1829 Sinningia pusilla Tapina pusilla Martius
1829 Sinningia rupicola Gesnera rupicola Martius
1829 Sinningia sceptrum Gesnera sceptrum Martius
1829 Sinningia sellovii Gesnera sellovii Martius
1829 Sinningia tuberosa Gesnera tuberosa Martius
1829 Paliavana gracilis Gloxinia gracilis Martius
1833 Sinningia magnifica Gesnera magnifica Otto & Dietrich
1834 Sinningia cooperi Gesneria cooperi Paxton
1837 Sinningia lateritia Gesneria lateritia Lindley
1839 Sinningia polyantha Gesneria polyantha de Candolle
1840 Sinningia cochlearis Gesneria cochlearis Hooker
1841 Sinningia gigantifolia Gesneria discolor Lindley
1842 Sinningia tubiflora Gloxinia tubiflora Hooker
1845 Vanhouttea calcarata type species Lemaire
1850 Sinningia cardinalis Gesneria cardinalis Martius
1852 Sinningia leopoldii Gesneria leopoldii Scheidw. ex Planch.
1861 Sinningia concinna Stenogastra concinna Hooker
1864 Sinningia gesneriifolia Ligeria gesnerifolia Hanstein
1868 Sinningia conspicua Biglandularia conspicua Seemann
1874 Paliavana sericiflora   Bentham
1877 Sinningia warmingii Gesnera warmingii Hiern
1880 Sinningia brasiliensis Lietzia brasiliensis Regel & Schmidt
1895 Sinningia sulcata Gesnera sulcata Rusby
1900 Sinningia striata Corytholoma striatum Fritsch
1900 Vanhouttea lanata   Fritsch
1906 Sinningia glazioviana Corytholoma glaziovianum Fritsch
1908 Sinningia micans Corytholoma micans Fritsch
1908 Sinningia macropoda Corytholoma macropodum Sprague
1908 Sinningia schiffneri   Fritsch
1935 Paliavana tenuiflora   Mansfield
1935 Paliavana werdermannii   Mansfield
1937 Sinningia calcaria Corytholoma calcarium Dusén ex Malme
1937 Sinningia curtiflora Corytholoma curtiflorum Malme
1937 Sinningia defoliata Corytholoma defoliatum Malme
1937 Sinningia lineata Rechsteineria lineata Hjelmquist
1954 Sinningia eumorpha   Moore
1956 Sinningia leucotricha Rechsteineria leucotricha Hoehne
1958 Sinningia insularis Rechsteineria insularis Hoehne
1958 Sinningia piresiana Rechsteineria piresiana Hoehne
1958 Sinningia reitzii Rechsteineria reitzii Hoehne
1968 Sinningia richii   Clayberg
1991 Sinningia aghensis   Chautems
1991 Sinningia valsuganensis   Chautems
1991 Sinningia harleyi   Wiehler & Chautems
1991 Sinningia kautskyi   Chautems
1991 Sinningia nivalis   Chautems
1992 Sinningia amambayensis   Chautems
1995 Sinningia carangolensis   Chautems
1995 Sinningia iarae   Chautems
1995 Sinningia mauroana   Chautems
1997 Sinningia araneosa   Chautems
1997 Sinningia hatschbachii   Chautems
2000 Sinningia nordestina   Chautems et al.
2002 Vanhouttea brueggeri   Chautems
2002 Vanhouttea hilariana   Chautems
2002 Vanhouttea leonii   Chautems
2002 Vanhouttea pendula   Chautems
2002 Paliavana plumerioides   Chautems
2010 Sinningia bullata   Chautems, Peixoto
2010 Sinningia helioana   Chautems, Rossini
2010 Sinningia gerdtiana   Chautems
2014 Sinningia ramboi   Ferreira, Waechter, Chautems
2015 Sinningia bragae   Chautems, Peixoto, Rossini
2015 Sinningia minima   Araujo & Chautems
2019 Sinningia flammea   Chautems & Rossini
2019 Sinningia hoehnei   Chautems, A.P. Fontana & Rossini
2019 Sinningia stapelioides   Chautems & M. Peixoto
2022 Sinningia ganevii   Chautems & Mat. Perret
2022 Sinningia sulphurea   Chautems & D.B.O.S. Cardoso