Sinningia villosa

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This flower picture was taken by Carolyn Ripps of her own plant.

The hairs on the flower (not a coincidence, since the species name means hairy) can be clearly seen.


This picture is also by Carolyn, of her plant.  Note the dark red on top of the petioles and in the leaf midvein and radiating from the midvein on the underside of the leaf.

The next two pictures are of my own plant, which has not yet bloomed.

Feature table for Sinningia villosa

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate
Habit Stems upright
Leaves Green, hairy, with red tint on reverse


Inflorescence Flowers borne in leaf axils.
Flower Yellow, tubular, with scattered red dots on corolla exterior.

Horticultural aspects

Hardiness No data yet.


Taxonomic group The speciosa group in the Sinningia clade.

External Link

See Mauro Peixoto's Brazilian Plants site for a page about S. villosa.


Lindley, 1828.

Etymology: Latin villosus [from villus, "shaggy hair"].  From same root as "velour".