Sinningia velutina

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On the Gesneriphiles mailing list, Alain Chautems wrote:

Yes, S. velutina is rather similar to S. guttata, but differs in degree of hair cover, leaf shape and absence of dots in the corolla. That is the reason why I did not synonymize velutina with S. guttata. I hoped all those years to find some wild material [matching] the original illustrations (as we know of the recent rediscovery of S. helleri and S. gesneriifolia, this can happen!).... so my choice is to keep this name S. velutina until further evidence [is] found!

As can be seen from the picture above (a young seedling), the plant's foliage does bear a strong resemblance to that of Sinningia guttata.



Unfortunately, the above plant proved, upon further growth and development, to be just another Sinningia helleri.

It is indicative of the rapid passage of time that what was so recently "the miraculously preserved S. helleri" is now "just another..."

We await the true S. velutina.

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Taxonomic group The speciosa group in the Sinningia clade.

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Mauro Peixoto's Brazilian Plants site does not yet have a page for this species.


Lindley, 1827.

Etymology: Latin velutina, from same root as "velvet".   Pronounced vel-OOT-in-a.