Paliavana werdermannii

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I have never grown this species.

Feature table for Paliavana werdermannii

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate
Habit Shrub with upright stems
Leaves Green on top, pale green on underside. 2.5-6.5 cm [1-2.5 in] long.  Stubbier than the leaves of other paliavanas.
Dormancy No tuber


Inflorescence axillary cymes of 1-3 flowers near apex of stem
Season According to Perret et al., it blooms in autumn in Brazil.
Flower campanulate, greenish-white

Horticultural aspects



Taxonomic group In a paliavana subgroup of the Sinningia clade.


Mansfield, 1935.  The information in the table above comes from Chautems's work on Grão-Mogol [see references] and from Mauro's web site [see below].

External Link

Mauro Peixoto's web site has page on Paliavana werdermannii.