Sinningia tuberosa

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This picture was taken by Dave Zaitlin, of his own plant.

tuberosa: flowers
tuberosa: tuber

Blooming from the tuber

This informative picture, taken by Karyn Cichocki, of her own plant, shows the flowerstalks and petioles growing directly from the tuber.

One might expect that this species would be closely related to another sinningia species which blooms directly from the tuber, namely Sinningia defoliata.  Such is not the case, however, as they are in different clades.  S. tuberosa is in the Sinningia clade, grouped around S. speciosa, while S. defoliata is in the Corytholoma clade, a group of mostly tall and/or sticky-leaved species.

Feature table for Sinningia tuberosa

Plant Description

Growth No stem
Habit Rosette-like
Leaves Petiole from tuber (judging by Sinningia defoliata and Sinningia helioana ("Santa Teresa"), which also have leaves which appear to grow directly from the tuber but which actually have petiole-like stems, the leaves of S. tuberosa probably are borne on very short petiole-like stems).


Inflorescence Flowers from tuber
Season Summer
Flower Red, tubular

Horticultural aspects



Taxonomic group By itself in the Sinningia clade.

External Link

See Mauro Peixoto's Brazilian Plants site for a page about S. tuberosa.


As Gesnera tuberosa by Martius, in 1829.
As Sinningia tuberosa by H.E. Moore, in 1973.

Etymology: From Latin tuber ("swelling").