Sinningia macrostachya

  1. Hybrid with S. leucotricha
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Sinningia macrostachya
Sinningia macrostachya

Sinningia macrostachya has a perennial stem base, very stiff leaves, and numerous small orange flowers.  As can be seen in the picture below, the fleshy stems are joined to the woody trunk.  Each year, the woody part of the stems extends a little.  This can be seen at the right and at the lower left.

S. macrostachya x leucotricha

Jon Dixon got this plant from seed on his S. macrostachya.

Feature table for Sinningia macrostachya

Plant Description

Growth Erect stem, branching
Leaves Green, very stiff
Dormancy Stem base perennial, gradually extending.


Season Late summer
Flower Red, tubular, short

Horticultural aspects

Hardiness Has survived 30 F (-1 C) in my yard with no leaf damage.  However, 26 F (-3 C) in January 2007 not only killed the leaves, but caused the normally persistent stems to fall off.  The tuber eventually sprouted new growth.
Recommended? Sort of.  The flowers are insularis- or mauroana-small, and not particularly interesting.  The leaves are even-more-than-insularis stiff, however.  That and the creeping trunk (see discussion above) make it worth growing.


Taxonomic group The lineata group of the Dircaea clade.
Nectaries Two, separate, dorsal, usually with a blob of nectar remaining on each one after the corolla falls


As Gesneria macrostachya by Lindley, in 1828.
As Sinningia macrostachya by Chautems, in 1990.

Etymology: macro- ("large") + -stachy ("stem").