Sinningia macrostachya x leucotricha: sure looks like it

Jon Dixon gave me a seedling of this plant.  It was from seed which he collected from his plant of S. macrostachya.  We both agree that it isn't a selfing, however, and our best guess at the pollen parent is S. leucotricha, since the plant has something of the silvery quality that the latter species has.

Feature table for Sinningia macrostachya x leucotricha

Plant Description

Growth Determinate, like S. leucotricha
Habit Stems upright with 2-4 leaf pairs
Leaves Green, stiff like those of S. macrostachya, with some silvery hairs
Dormancy Stems fully deciduous.  Dormancy is obligate.


Inflorescence terminal cluster like S. leucotricha, but also axillary cymes in the lower leaf axils, like S. cardinalis.
Season Blooms spring-summer, about the same time as S. leucotricha
Flower Salmon pink to orange-red, tubular, about the same size as that of S. macrostachya.

Horticultural aspects

From seed A couple of years to bloom, under my conditions
Hardiness Has tolerated 26F (-3C), in shelter, in my yard
Recommended? Not a bad plant, interesting for hybridizing potential


Hybridizer Hummingbirds
Fertility This hybrid sets seed every year, although I have not sown any.  There is every reason to expect that it is fertile.


Taxonomic group Both parents are in the Dircaea clade.
Nectaries Two, separate, dorsal, usually with a blob of nectar remaining on each one after the corolla falls (like the S. macrostachya parent).