Sinningia kautskyi

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I have never grown this species.

The pictures on this page were taken on 22 September 2008, of a plant in the greenhouses of the Geneva Botanic Garden, in Geneva, Switzerland.  The flower picture suffers from the flash, but displays the dots in the throat of the corolla.  The picture of the whole plant, below, shows that it looks something like a cross between Sinningia concinna and Petrocosmea flaccida.

It is one of the parents (the other is S. hirsuta) of the hybrid S. 'Amizade'.  See the photo of S. 'Amizade' on the Gesneriad Society's web site.  The plant was grown by Gary Dunlap.

Sinningia kautskyi is the seed parent of Dave Zaitlin's hybrid S. 'Carnaval'.

Feature table for Sinningia kautskyi

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate
Habit Rosette


Inflorescence Axillary cyme
Season Summer-autumn?
Flower Tubular, small. White with purple in throat.

Horticultural aspects

Hardiness Very unlikely to be able to withstand cold


Hybrids with this species See listing.


Taxonomic group In the speciosa/guttata subgroup in the Sinningia clade.

External Links

Mauro Peixoto's Brazilian Plants site has a page about S. kautskyi.

The Selby Gardens (Sarasota, Florida) website has a picture of S. kautskyi.


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