Sinningia mauroana

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Sinningia mauroana has a perennial stem, leaves (usually) in whorls of three, and fairly short orange flowers in the leaf axils.  The most interesting feature of the plant is the silvery hair on the leaves (which did not show up well in this photograph).

This is not one of my favorite species (by a long shot).

Sinningia mauroana

Feature table for Sinningia mauroana

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate
Habit Upright stem, leaves in whorls of three
Leaves Green. Hairs give leaves a silvery appearance.
Dormancy Stem may be perennial, does not always die back to tuber


Inflorescence Flowers in leaf axils
Season Blooms in late autumn
Flower Orange, tubular

Horticultural aspects

From seed 14 months to bloom, under my conditions
Hardiness Of two plants, one survived 26 F (-3 C) in my yard, one didn't.
Recommended? Not particularly.  Apart from the somewhat silvery foliage, there's not a lot to recommend it.  The flowers are rather small with no conspicuous markings.  Also, it is not as hardy as many other species, which is inconvenient, considering how late in the year it blooms.  All in all, there are many better sinningias.


Taxonomic group The perennial stems group of the Dircaea clade.


Chautems, 1995, in Gesneriana 1(1).  The species is native to São Paolo state.

It is named after Mauro Peixoto, who has done so much to collect and distribute new species of Sinningia.