Sinningia micans

Sinningia micans
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Sinningia micans has very distinctive calyxes, dark red with a pebbly appearance.  The inflorescences have peduncles.

Sinningia micans is a member of the Galea Group.

Sinningia micans

Both my tubers of this species were killed by the freeze of January 2007.  It is therefore likely that Sinningia micans is less cold-tolerant than most sinningia species.

Feature table for Sinningia micans

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate?
Habit Erect stem
Leaves Green
Dormancy Stems fully deciduous
New sprouts in late spring


Inflorescence terminal peduncle
Season Blooms in autumn
Flower Red, tubular, with galea

Horticultural aspects

From seed Five years to bloom, under my conditions.  Your conditions must be better.
Hardiness Has survived 30F (-1C) in my yard
Recommended? Not particularly.  Does not bloom easily, and except for the calyces, the plant is not exceptional.  Both of my tubers expired in the January 2007 frost.


Taxonomic group The galea group of the Dircaea clade.


Fritsch, 1908, as Corytholoma micans.  Chautems, 1995, in Gesneriana 1(1), transferred it to Sinningia. The species is native to São Paolo state.

Etymology: from Latin micans, gerund of micare ("vibrate, sparkle"), hence (presumably) "sparkling".