Sinningia 'Los Angeles'

LA: flower

Sinningia 'Los Angeles' is a miniature hybrid created by Dale Martens.  This hybrid is noteworthy for its ability to mate with sinnigias which ought to be sterile.

For instance, Dale crossed it with xSinvana 'Mount Magazine'. She also crossed it with Sinningia 'Heartland's Flashlight', which had resisted all previous attempts at selfing and crossing.  See here for the result. For all I know, it crosses with smart phones.


Based on information from Dale and the Gesneriad Society's 1988 Sinningia register, we can work out the following descent for this hybrid.

S. 'Los Angeles' is a selfing of Dolly Crowder's hybrid 'Hello Dolly'.

S. 'Hello Dolly' is selfing of S. 'Foxfire', a Ted Bona hybrid.

S. 'Foxfire' = 'Hot Pants' x 'Super Red'.

The two parents are both Bartley Schwarz hybrids. The first one, 'Hot Pants', is given as S. pusilla 'White Sprite' x (eumorpha x cardinalis).

The ancestry of S. 'Super Red' is given as (HP2 x 'Mother of Pearl') selfed, where HP2 is short for exactly the same ancestry as 'Hot Pants'. It might even be the same plant.

Since S. 'Hot Pants' would be sterile if it were not a tetraploid, we can assume that it and 'Super Red' and 'Foxfire' and 'Hello Dolly' and 'Los Angeles' are all tetraploid.