xSinvana 'Mount Magazine'

Paliavana tenuiflora x Sinningia conspicua

This Jon Lindstrom hybrid bears eumorpha-like sometimes-fragrant flowers.

xSinvana 'Mount Magazine' was hybridized by Jon Lindstrom of the University of Arkansas.  He crossed a paliavana and a sinningia and got something which bears a definite resemblance to Sinningia eumorpha.

It was named after Magazine Mountain, the highest point in the state of Arkansas.  My 1968 World Atlas and Book of Facts gives its height at 2753 feet [which would be about 836 meters].  It may have eroded a little in the last 50+ years.

The paliavana parent is P. tenuiflora, the best of the paliavanas.  The hybrid does a better job of retaining its foliage than most paliavanas.

The sinningia parent is S. conspicua, from which the hybrid acquires the generally white corolla color, the markings and yellow in the throat, and fragrance that can be detected at certain times.

The plant has a tuber, an inheritance from its sinningia parent.

Paliavana tenuiflora is much more vulnerable to cold than Sinningia conspicua.  The hybrid seems to have the latter's cold resistance.

Feature table for xSinvana 'Mount Magazine'

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate
Habit Stems upright, sometimes losing the lower leaves with age.
Leaves Heart-shaped, green.
Dormancy The plant has a tuber and usually goes dormant in winter.


Inflorescence axillary cymes, usually with one flower per axil.
Flowering Late summer through late autumn
Flower White corolla, with purple stripes over yellow base in interior of tube.

Horticultural aspects

Hardiness Tuber has survived 32 F (0 C) in my back yard.
Recommended? Yes.  Mine is a shy bloomer, but is not finicky about care.


Hybridizer Jon Lindstrom
Fertility I would not expect it to be fertile.


Taxonomic group It is a cross between a species in the Dircaea clade (Sinningia conspicua) and a species in the Sinningia clade (Paliavana tenuiflora).