Sinningia polyantha x conspicua

Jim Steuerlein crossed Sinningia polyantha with Sinningia conspicua and got this attractive flower.  The plant is tall, however, which detracts from its suitability for indoor gardening and can make it somewhat top-heavy.

The appeal of these flowers suggests that Sinningia conspicua could beneficially be crossed with more compact relatives of Sinningia polyantha, such as Sinningia rupicola or Sinningia douglasii.

Compare Jim's hybrid S. polyantha x cardinalis, also a tall plant.

This picture shows the plant in November 2017.  It grew more compactly in this year.

The timing was something of a mystery.  Sinningia polyantha blooms in spring and early summer.  Sinningia conspicua blooms in late summer and early autumn.  In 2017, the hybrid came into bloom in mid-autumn.

Feature table for Sinningia polyantha x conspicua

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate
Habit Upright stem(s).
Leaves Green, hairy
Dormancy Stems fully deciduous


Inflorescence Flowers borne on a extended axis
Season Blooms in autumn
Flower Pinkish corolla with darker streaks. Corolla limbs larger like S. conspicua.

Horticultural aspects

Hardiness Has survived 30F (-1C) in my yard
Recommended? Yes.


Taxonomic group Both parents are in the Dircaea clade.