Sinningia polyantha x cardinalis

Jim Steuerlein crossed Sinningia polyantha with Sinningia cardinalis and got this tall plant.  The height of the plant means it is best grown outdoors or in a greenhouse.

This hybrid gets its height from Sinningia polyantha, while the bright red flower color comes from the Sinningia cardinalis parent. The leaf arrangement -- two leaves per node -- derives from S. cardinalis, because a mature plant of S. polyantha almost always has three leaves per node.

Compare Jim's hybrid S. polyantha x conspicua, also a tall plant.

Flowers are borne in the upper nodes, as in the S. polyantha parent.

Corolla color is red, from the S. cardinalis parent.

Timing also seems to be inherited from S. polyantha, with flowering in late spring and early summer.

Feature table for Sinningia polyantha x cardinalis

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate
Habit Upright stem(s).
Leaves Green, somewhat hairy, but not as coarse as those of S. polyantha.
Dormancy Stems fully deciduous


Inflorescence Flowers borne on a extended axis
Season Blooms in late spring, early summer
Flower Red. Upper two corolla lobes extend a bit beyond the bottom three.

Horticultural aspects

Hardiness Has survived 30F (-1C) in my yard
Recommended? Yes, if you have the room.


Taxonomic group Both parents are in the Dircaea clade.