2005 AGGS convention

What can I say?  I like tubers.

I took only a few plant pictures at this convention, and two of them were of tubers.

iarae tuber leopoldii tuber

This is a tuber of Sinningia iarae.  The plant was exhibited by Bill Price.

It does not closely resemble the iarae tubers I have or have seen, which usually have a domed or conical top, but the plant was definitely iarae.

This is a tuber of Sinningia leopoldii.  As can be seen by the top dressing, this plant was also exhibited by Bill Price.

It looks like my leopoldii tuber, but is much larger and more dramatic.

A picture of Bill's plant of this species (and its tuber) at the 2008 convention can be seen here.


This is Bill Price's Gesneria acaulis 'Flamingo'.

Unlike the plant that I tried to grow, this plant has hardly any stem (which is what acaulis implies).  It also has flowers -- again, unlike my plant.  The flowers are pinkish instead of the usual gesneria orange-red, and this is presumably what the name 'Flamingo' signifies.