Sinningia guttata tubers

guttata: tuber Sinningia guttata tuber

Contrary to an apparently widespread opinion, Sinningia guttata has a well-developed tuber.  Perhaps this species is being confused with Sinningia barbata.  It may also be that a previous collection of this species had underdeveloped tubers.

The tubers shown here were grown from seed distributed by Mauro Peixoto at the AGGS Convention in Morristown, New Jersey (2002).

Sinningia guttata tubers appear to be able to sprout from almost anywhere on the tuber.  The tuber on the left above has old shoots coming from the usual location, the center, and new shoots coming from the side of the tuber.

A different Sinningia guttata tuber (above right) has what appears to be a worm burrowing into or out of it, but this is actually a new shoot coming out of the bottom of the tuber.