V. lanata x P. tenuiflora

Vanhouttea lanata x Paliavana tenuiflora

Jon Lindstrom took this picture of the result of his crossing Vanhouttea lanata with Paliavana tenuiflora.  The flowers of the two parents are quite unlike one another, so it is perhaps not surprising that the hybrid plant's flower doesn't resemble either one.  Jon writes that the flower is more purple than the picture.

He also writes that there is plenty of pollen, so perhaps the hybrid is fertile.  This would be informative if it were, since the two parents are, roughly speaking, at opposite ends of the sinningia clade.

V. lanata

Jon also sent this picture of the V. lanata parent.  He notes that he received it under the name Paliavana gracilis, which it was not.  (The same thing happened to me: see my Paliavana gracilis page.)  Instead, like the plant I have, it proved to be V. lanata, but one without as much wool on the pedicels and calyxes as the usual variety.  Jon says that the F1 does have some hairiness on the calyx.

Comparison of flowers

Two parents and child