Sinningia Hybrids by Mr. Wu Jui-Jung

Wu Jui-Jung is a hybridizer in Taiwan.

  1. Sinningia concinna x (pusilla x bragae)
  2. Sinningia concinna x nordestina
  3. Sinningia 'Jung's Scarlet Ibis' (bullata x helioana)
  4. Mr. Wu's helioana hybrids

Unless otherwise indicated, all photographs on this page are by Mr. Wu.  Thank you to him for allowing me to use them, and thank you to Dale Martens for transmitting them to me.


S. concinna x (pusilla x bragae)

This nice hybrid shows the flower color of Sinningia bragae, which also contributes the relatively large flower size, but not its inconveniently long peduncles.  An excellent combination of parental good traits!

The corollas do not have the "spur" of the Sinningia pusilla grandparent.


S. concinna x nordestina

This striking hybrid shows corolla patterning from Sinningia concinna, which also dominates the growth habit. Sinningia nordestina contributes the corolla spotting but (thankfully) not its lanky growth.


Sinningia 'Jung's Scarlet Ibis'
S. bullata x helioana

The flower color comes from both parents. The leaf texture is mostly from Sinningia bullata. Reportedly, the plant never has more than four leaves, a restriction it must have inherited from Sinningia helioana.

Because the two parents are in different "clades", the hybrid is most likely sterile, unless it is tetraploid.


Group of Mr. Wu's Sinningia helioana Hybrids

This photo shows three of his hybrids, plus one by Dale Martens. At the top is Sinningia helioana x Sinningia bullata. also seen in the picture above.

To the left is S. 'Jung's Grape Smoothie' (Sinningia concinna x Sinningia helioana).

To the right is S. 'Jung's Taro Smoothie' (Sinningia pusilla 'Itaoca' x Sinningia helioana).

In the front is Dale's hybrid 'Heartland's Flashlight' (Sinningia pusilla x Sinningia helioana).