flair: flower

Sinningia 'Flair'

Sinningia 'Flair' is a very nice hybrid.  It is semi-miniature but can be grown larger, as shown at the link at the bottom of this page.

The flower has very striking markings.  The leaf coloration is much like that of certain varieties of Sinningia eumorpha, with dark green upper surfaces and red undersides.

flair: leaf

Feature table for Sinningia 'Flair'

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate
Habit Erect, very short internodes
Leaves Very dark green, like some varieties of S. eumorpha
Dormancy My plant dies back to the tuber in the winter


Inflorescence axillary cyme of 1-4 flowers, peduncle usually shorter than 1 cm.
Season Spring.
Flower Funnelform corolla, about 4 cm long, with flaring lobes, with upturned corolla.  Lobes purple.  Interior of corolla tube yellow below.  Most striking feature is lines of dark purple streaks or dots on lower three lobes, extending from interior of corolla to about 6 mm from edge.

Horticultural aspects

Hardiness No information yet [April 2014].
Recommended? Yes.  The plant is compact and attractive.


Hybridizer Lyndon Lyon
Fertility I haven't tried yet.

External Link

There is a picture of a huge plant of this hybrid here.