Sinningia 'Anne Crowley'

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According to the registration list on the Gesneriad Society website, Sinningia 'Anne Crowley' is Sinningia 'Georgia Sunset' hybrid F2 x Sinningia macropoda (but the latter may be a mistaken identity, Sinningia lineata may be intended), registered by Paul Cummiskey (who also created Sinningia 'Tampa Bay Beauty').

This hybrid was named after the late Anne Crowley, predecessor to Jeanne Katzenstein as editor of The Gloxinian (now Gesneriads) (and successor to Renee White, who also has a sinningia hybrid named after her).

In Habitat

Sinningia Anne Crowley
Sinningia 'Anne Crowley' growing in its native habitat.

Don't believe the caption.  I can't be trusted.

This plant has been for many years in a flowerbed under the lemon tree in my back yard, where it flourishes despite neglect, snails, and the occasional sunburn.

Update: Unfortunately, the plant eventually failed to come back in the spring, probably done in by neglect and lack of water.

I had one in a pot too -- see its dramatically cratered tuber.

Feature table for Sinningia'Anne Crowley'

Plant Description

Growth Determinate
Habit Stems with few leaf pairs
Leaves Green, hairy
Dormancy Stems fully deciduous


Inflorescence terminal peduncles
Season Blooms in summer
Flower Tubular, red outside, pink inside

Horticultural Aspects

From seed 16 months to bloom, under my conditions
Hardiness It has survived 28F in my yard
Hybridizer Paul Cummiskey