Sinningia 'Coven'


Sinningia 'Coven' is my hybrid with peloric flowers.  By now there are plenty of peloric sinningia hybrids.  Most of those which don't get their peloria from S. speciosa can trace their peloria back to Sinningia cardinalis 'George Kalmbacher'.  That is the case with 'Coven', which gets it from S. 'Skydiver', which is a descendant of 'George Kalmbacher'.



This hybrid was a result of crossing Ruth Coulson's S. 'Serenade' with a plant which was in turn a cross of Dale Martens's S. 'Texas Zebra' and my S. 'Peninsula Belle'.  Adding the ancestry of these three hybrids together, we see that S. 'Coven' has parentage involving at least these seven species:

  • S. bulbosa
  • S. cardinalis
  • S. conspicua
  • S. eumorpha
  • S. lineata
  • S. reitzii
  • S. striata




This picture clearly shows the peloria of the flower.  The outside of the tube is pale pink, while the corolla lobes are bluish lavender.

Feature table for Sinningia 'Coven'

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate
Habit More or less upright stem, although it tends to sprawl with age.
Leaves Dark green, eumorpha-like, but not glossy
Dormancy Stems fully deciduous


Inflorescence axillary cyme of 3-10 flowers, no peduncle
Season For me, it flowers in autumn
Flower See above.

Horticultural aspects

Hardiness Has survived 28F (-2C) in my yard.


Hybridizer Myself
Fertility Being investigated.


Taxonomic group The ancestors of this hybrid all belong to the Dircaea clade.