Sinningia reitzii x iarae

reitzii x iarae
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I created this hybrid of Sinningia reitzii and S. iarae in the mid-90s.  It is attractive enough, but there are a couple of points of botanical interest too:

  1. The hybrid has the perennial stem of the S. reitzii parent and not the determinate growth of the S. iarae parent.
  2. The hybrid has the conventional tubular flower of the S. reitzii parent and not the galea of the S. iarae parent.
reitzii x iarae

Point #2 is additional proof that the galea is recessive, as was observed in the hybrid S. reitzii x cardinalis.  Point #1 supports the idea that indeterminate growth is dominant.  For more evidence, see the dominance page.

Feature table for Sinningia reitzii x iarae

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate, like S. reitzii
Habit Stems upright, like S. reitzii. The lower stems hold their leaves better than S. reitzii does.
Leaves Dark green with red petioles.  Shape is very similar to that of S. reitzii.
Dormancy Like S. reitzii..


Inflorescence Axillary cymes of 1-4 flowers. Short blooming branches can develop in some of the axils, increasing the flower count.
Season Blooms in autumn, like S. reitzii.
Flower Dusky red.  The flower is slightly longer and fatter than that of S. reitzii.  The upper two corolla lobes project a bit beyond the other three, as a remnant of the S. iarae galea.

Horticultural aspects

From seed Probably a couple of years to bloom, but the hybrid predates my precise record-keeping; I think it was done around 1995.
Hardiness Has survived 27 F (-3 C) in my yard.
Recommended? Well, I like it.  It has nice foliage and flowers, although it is not a huge leap in appearance from S. reitzii.  I should get around to naming, propagating, and distributing it.


Hybridizer Alan LaVergne
Fertility I have a few plants from seed of this plant, although I do not know whether they were selfings or a hummingbird-created hybrid.


Taxonomic group Both parents are members of the Dircaea clade.