Sinningia 'Tomorrow'

Tomorrow Tomorrow

Sinningia 'Tomorrow' was hybridized by Peter Shalit of Seattle, Washington USA.  This plant was grown by Brandon Erikson of Omaha, Nebraska USA. He exhibited it at the 2022 Gesneriad Society convention in Tacoma, Washington, where these pictures were taken.

Feature table for Sinningia 'Tomorrow'

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate
Habit Upright stem
Leaves Plain green, cardinalis-like, not glossy


Inflorescence axillary cyme of 1-4 flowers, no peduncle
Flower Tubular corolla, peloric, with 5-6 flaring lobes.

Horticultural aspects

Hardiness Can probably survive 32F (0 C). Most of the species in the Dircaea clade (see below) are at least that cold-tolerant.
Recommended? Oh yes.  The dark purple area on the flower is very striking.


Hybridizer Peter Shalit


Taxonomic group The parents of this hybrid belong to the Dircaea clade.