Sinningia leucotricha x bullata

Once Sinningia bullata became widely known and distributed, in the period 2002-2010, people noticed the hairy stems and leafbacks.  It was a natural decision to cross this plant with S. leucotricha, which was also endowed with abundant silvery or white hairs.

Jim Steuerlein was one of the hybridizers that made the cross. This plant is the result of his work.

Feature table for Sinningia leucotricha x bullata

Plant Description

Growth Determinate. Normally, two leaf pairs per stem.
Habit Erect stems, with white hair.
Leaves Green with white hair on back.
Dormancy The plant goes dormant in winter.


Inflorescence Axillary cyme, usually with 1-2 flowers per axil.
Season Blooms in spring, like the leucotricha parent.
Flower Tubular. Outside of tube is dark red. Corolla lobes flare, are orange red. Lower three lobes have three dark stripes each..

Horticultural aspects

Hardiness Has survived 27 F [-2.5 C] outdoors, as a tuber.
Recommended? Sure.  What's not to like?


Hybridizer Jim Steuerlein. Others have done this same cross.
Fertility There is no reason to believe this hybrid is not fertile.


Taxonomic group Both parents are in the Dircaea clade.