Sinningia araneosa x tubiflora

This is another primary hybrid from the fertile laboratory of Jon Lindstrom, of the University of Arkansas.  Jon says that it does not, unfortunately, have a tubiflora scent, but that it is much more floriferous than the Sinningia tubiflora parent.

This picture shows that the plant habit is much like that of S. tubiflora: a basal collection of leaves with flowerstalks rising vertically from them.  The leaves appear to have a tubiflora/sellovii texture.

The flowers are pale pink (the S. tubiflora white plus a reddish tinge from Sinningia araneosa), and have perhaps a hint of the overhanging upper lip of the S. araneosa flower.  The leaves don't appear to have any of the S. araneosa hairiness, although the calyxes do.  S. araneosa also may give the hybrid more flowers per axil; my recollection of S. tubiflora is just one flower per axil on the extended axis.