Sinningia schomburgkiana

This was only one of three published sinningia species for which the Perret et al. authors could not find suitable plant material (the other two being S. sulcata and S. helleri).

According to the Missouri Botanic Garden database, this species was collected 1996 in Guyana by D. Clarke and T. McPherson, but this was obviously not the first collection, since it had been published earlier as a Gesneria in 1866 and as a Rechsteineria in 1891, and reclassified as a Sinningia by Alain Chautems in 1990.

When I asked Alain Chautems about this species, he replied, "I only know this species from some herbarium collection. It is quite similar to S. incarnata, but I kept it separated until further examination of live material."