Sinningia muscicola
(Sinningia sp. "Rio das Pedras")

  1. From seed
  2. As a volunteer
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  4. Publication and etymology

This attractive miniature species achieved widespread distribution after the 2002 Gesneriad Society convention in Morristown NJ, where Mauro Peixoto sold seeds of several new and rare species.  In many ways, this new variety appears to be quite similar to S. pusilla, except for the dramatic, dark markings on slightly larger leaves and the absence of S. pusilla's floral spur, visible in the picture on the micro comparison page.

Rio das Pedras

From Seed

Rio das Pedras

This species reseeds itself easily.

In high humidity conditions, the seeds sprout within the fruit, as shown here.

Rio das Pedras

It also does not appear as fussy about culture as two other micro sinningias (S. concinna and S. pusilla), and seems to pass this culture tolerance to its hybrid offspring.

As can be seen in this picture, the leaves are more blade-like than those of the two other well-known micro species. S. concinna and S. pusilla have rounder leaves.

As a Volunteer

muscicola as FIP

Here's how tolerant this species is of diverse growing conditions.  This plant is a volunteer in a pot of seedlings of the cactus Echinocereus bristolii.  The cactus seeds were sown in January 2011 and five seedlings were transplanted into this pot in April 2011.  Somewhere along the way, a gesneriad was acquired.

Sinningia muscicola is actually quite remarkable for its drought tolerance.  I have had a tuber sprout after having been in an unwatered small pot for six months, and not wilt when the pot subsequently dried out completely.

This picture was taken in December 2011.

Feature table for Sinningia muscicola

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate?
Habit Small rosette
Leaves Dark green, with black midrib and veins. Reverse red.
Dormancy Usually not dormant. Reseeds readily.


Inflorescence Flowers in axils
Season Blooms intermittently
Flower Lavender/white, tubular

Horticultural aspects

From seed Flowerbuds in two months
Hardiness No data yet, but highly unlikely to be cold-tolerant.
Drought tolerance See above.
Problems Under my conditions, this species is sometimes vulnerable to mildew.  Among the other micro species, S. concinna has had occasional mildew problems, but not S. pusilla -- at least, not yet.


Hybrids with this species See listing.


Chautems, Lopes and Peixoto in Candollea, 2010.

muscicola means growing on (-icola) moss (muscus).

"Rio das Pedras" means "river of the rocks" in Portuguese.