Miscellaneous Other Gesneriads

Streptocarpus 'Lone Jack'

Carlynn Scott's Streptocarpus site doesn't list my one registered streptocarpus hybrid, S. 'Lone Jack', but that's not hard to understand -- as far as I know, 'Lone Jack' is extinct!

It was S. porphyrostachys x dunnii, a mostly-unifoliate of the porphyrostachys type, which could be reproduced from leaves only (I never got seed), and each generation of propagated plant was weaker than the last, until finally they all died.

The Gesneriad Society web site has a picture, from the 2003 convention in Sacramento.

If you want to recreate it, just be prepared to invest a little time: Three years to grow S. dunnii from seed to bloom (S. porphyrostachys is much faster), then another three to grow the hybrid from seed to bloom!