Sinningia sp. "Bahia"

According to Alain Chautems, this species is related to Sinningia barbata and grows in Bahia state in Brazil, where "it grows in an area away from the coast [so] it should need more seasonal conditions, i.e. humid conditions like S. barbata when it grows, but probably drier conditions in the dormancy period" [Gesneriphiles, 16 april 2012].

Mauro Peixoto, source of the seeds, wrote (personal communication): "I sowed a lot of seeds and only one weak seedling germinated and died before sending out the true leaves.  It is one of those plants that attracts every kind of fungus and usually starts dormancy before the seed pod is completely ripe."

This is close to my own experience, with no germination at all.

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Mauro Peixoto's Brazil Plants web site has a page on this plant.