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  5. Gesneriad Society chapters in northern California.
  6. Vendors.
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The sites I have used heavily in the preparation of this site have links on the home page.

Academic sites

References for Alain Chautems.

The University of Alabama's Gesneriad Image Library used to be a valuable source for informative pictures of gesneriads, including sinningias.  It was maintained by John L. Clark.  However, the links that I had to it are no longer valid, and Mr. Clark is not at Alabama any more.

Gesneriad Genera

Carlynn Scott has an excellent web site with information on Streptocarpus species and hybrids, far more comprehensive than what I've done here for sinningia.  It's a very attractive and well-organized resource.  Check it out!

She also has a nice set of pages on the genus Episcia, which I can't grow in my house because it gets too cold in winter, so it's nice to look at them in digital form, which has no temperature limitations!

The Gesneriad Society

The Gesneriad Society offers many services to growers, including an excellent Seed Fund and a highly entertaining and instructive annual convention.

I have a web site of pictures from Gesneriad Society conventions, 2005-2010.

The Toronto Gesneriad Society has a very nice web site.

Gesneriasterna, the Swedish gesneriad society, translates much of its web site into English (the link is to the English-language home page).  Any century now, we will have Sinningia & Friends in Swedish.

For more links, see the related links page on the Gesneriad Society web site.

Amateur Gesneriad Sites Like Mine

Brad Walker's web pages.

Alan and Boston, 1962-2018.

Gesneriad Groups in Northern California

Peninsula Gesneriad Society

The Peninsula Gesneriad Society serves the Silicon Valley area of California, from San Mateo to San Jose to Gilroy.  We usually meet in a member's home, at 7:30 pm, on the second Thursday of the month.  Contact me for information (see email address at bottom of page).

San Francisco Gesneriad Society

The San Francisco group usually meets in what was, in happier days, the Hall of Flowers building in Golden Gate Park.  The regular meeting date is the third Sunday of the month.  Meeting time is 1:00 pm.  The club has a web site.

Delta African Violet Society

The The Delta Gesneriad and African Violet Society used to have a web site, but I can no longer locate it. You can find information on Facebook, I think.  It may still meet at 11:00 am on the third Wednesday of each month at the Sacramento Garden and Art Center, 3330 McKinley Blvd., Sacramento.

Vendors of Sinningias and other Gesneriads

Vendors are listed in alphabetical order.  This site makes no endorsements.

David Harris sells his own Ozark series sinningia hybrids and other sinningia hybrids plus violets and other gesneriads on his Dave's Violets web site.

Kartuz Greenhouses in Vista, California lists plenty of sinningias.

Lyndon Lyon lists some sinningias for sale on this page.

Rob's Violet Barn offers lots of gesneriads but no sinningias, as far as I can tell.

Linda Zillich's micro-mini site offers for sale both micro sinningias and her useful booklet on growing them.

Cultural Information from Vendors

Kelsey, a student, calls our attention to "A Botanist's Guide to the African Violet". Thank you, Kelsey!

Brickbats, Jeers, and Japes

... can be directed to me, Alan LaVergne, via email.

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