Sinningia sp. "CatolÚs"

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Catoles tip

This was grown from seed acquired from Mauro Peixoto's Brazil Plants operation.  The seed was sown in 2012.  After 3 years of neglect, it bloomed in September 2015.

The most noteworthy characteristic of this species is the stickiness of the leaves and stems.  In this they resemble Sinningia amambayensis and a few related species.

Flower tube

Catoles tube

The flower tube has spots gathered into lines.

Feature table for Sinningia sp. "CatolÚs"

Plant Description

Growth Indeterminate
Habit Upright or recumbent stem(s)
Leaves Green, sticky, pebbled
Dormancy Stems normally deciduous. Plant dormant in winter.


Inflorescence axillary cyme
Flowering Autumn
Flower Tubular, 4-5 cm long, with throat markings

Horticultural aspects

From seed Four years to bloom, under my far from ideal conditions
Hardiness Yet to be determined. As of 2015, it had not spent a winter outdoors.
Recommended? No. The floppy habit, sticky stems are not pluses. The flowers are attractive, but mimic (e.g.) S. bragae (sp. "Ibitioca"). My plant bloomed once and then died.


Taxonomic group Probably, the Corytholoma clade. It appears to be related to S. harleyi.


External link

See Mauro Peixoto's web page.